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Office Supplies Industry Marketing Trends Report

Our latest research revealed that office supplies dealers are spending too little and on the wrong type of marketing.
Over the last two months, we have interviewed nearly 70 local office supplies dealers, just like you, to better understand what your marketing functions look like, what is and isn’t working for you, what frustrates you and how you see your marketing activity changing in the future.
As a result of that we have produced a comprehensive report with facts, stats, tips and expert opinions about the way marketing is changing in the industry.

In this comprehensive report you will learn about:

  • The dealer marketing mix
  • Cataloguing success
  • The dealer marketing messages
  • Effectiveness of marketing channels
  • The dealer marketing strategy
  • Budgets and marketing spend
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Frustrations and recommendations
  • The future outlook

Featuring fresh statistics, insightful observations and practical recommendations, this report will help you benchmark your activity against the industry standard and gain a better understanding of how your marketing needs to evolve over the next two, five, even ten, years if you are to remain consumer-centric and control the future of your business’s success with confidence.

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