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Unwinding furlough: what does it mean for your business?

The Government Job Retention Scheme – more commonly known as furlough – has been a lifeline for millions of businesses and employees across the UK for the last 6 months. Not least of these are office supplies businesses, who have been significantly impacted by the crisis. But with the announcement that employers now need to …


The worst decline in 300 years?

Last Friday we hosted another webinar, this time looking at the economic impact of COVID-19 on our economy, and what this means for dealer businesses. EO Group’s CFO Nick Wilson provided his analysis of the economic forecast and discussed future plans for EO Group/Office Power and how we are approaching this economic decline. If you …


Your questions on the Government Job Retention Scheme answered

Recently, the Government announced plans to help employers keep staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is called the Job Retention Scheme. We’ve gathered all the key information on how it works and put together this guide for employers. Please keep in mind that this guide maybe be updated, depending on any changes to Government advice. …