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The system that gave Stylus the opportunity to evolve

Surprisingly, we’ve found that many office supplies dealers remain loyal to their legacy systems even if they’re outdated and impacting their business’s profitability and performance. That’s why we’ve carried out this in-depth case study which shows how Stylus Stationers increased their profitability by a massive 300% when they chose to partner with Office Power, using …

Stylus Stationers Kathy and Nick Bugden

Video: How Stylus strengthened their business by leaving old technology behind

Stylus, owned and run by Kathy and Nick Bugden, is and always has been a successful office supplies business. But over the past few years, as they grew and went from strength to strength, they realised that the technology they were using wasn’t able to cope with everything they needed it for. On Monday 25th …

Tim Crabtree of Abbotts Office Solutions

How Abbotts Office Solutions increased the bottom line

About Abbotts Office Solutions: Based in Oxfordshire, Abbotts Office Solutions was founded in 1918. Current director Tim Crabtree has always been open to adapting and changing the business when the time is right. This has been one of the key factors for Abbotts Office Solutions’ success over the years. However, Tim found himself being pulled …