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Why running your own office supplies business doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your holidays

Owning your own business can be one of the most rewarding career paths. Flexible working hours, building valuable customer relationships and exercising creativity in branding and promotional tactics are just some of the benefits of being your own boss. For many businesses however, there are drawbacks too, particularly when it comes to taking time away from the desk.

Why the office supplies industry can be challenging

The office supplies industry is temperamental, with digitisation diminishing the demand for traditional office products, the rise of global giants like Amazon wavering customer loyalty and economic uncertainty in the months to come, if you don’t have the tools to gain full visibility of your business, the fear of leaving your hard-built company – even for a long weekend – is real.

What stops dealers taking deserved time off?

Business owners in many industries struggle to take time off work to relax, but we’ve found that office supplies dealers in particular avoid time away from the office. Some of the main reasons for this include the fear of losing customers, suppliers running out of stock just when they need it, the anticipation of returning to a mountain of outstanding admin and the lack of trust in the functionality of their websites and technology.

Why are Office Power dealer partners different?

Whatever you do there’s more to life than work, and we’re committed to improving work-life balance in the office supplies industry. Our dedicated customer services team is on-hand to answer the calls of dealer partner customers in less than 7 seconds, meaning queries never get left in the dark. As well as this, all invoicing and time-consuming admin duties at risk of piling up are sorted. Our close supplier relationships also ensure we maintain high stock availability at the busiest times too. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – Office Power’s advanced technological platform ensures that our dealer partner websites function perfectly even at peak times and offer the best user experience, while the dealer portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere – even on the beach.

Why not put the enjoyment back into life in business? To find out more about the Office Power platform, call Chris Armstrong on 07789 004 158 or email


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