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Office Power Specials sourcing solution wins eBusiness Award

We’re delighted to have been awarded BOSS eBusiness Award 2019 for the advanced technological developments we’ve made to our Specials sourcing platform over the past year.

how does the solution work?

Using our advanced technological infrastructure we have developed a multi-tiered system within the dealer portal enabling dealer partners to more efficiently manage Special orders with increased visibility, control, range and go-to-market options. As well as allowing dealer partners to source specials faster, the updates enable them to choose from a Preferred Suppliers List, meaning they can enjoy pre-arranged service level agreements, improve cash flow and more efficiently deliver products to the end customer. Dealers who choose to partner with us can now offer their customers an endless aisle solution, source products from any supplier they choose and free up their cashflow by using Office Power credit.

How does it work?

Our CTO Mark Gibbard has spearheaded the development process and explains: “This was one of our most heavily-invested projects to date. The technological developments allow us to work alongside dealer partners more effectively, enabling them to be self-sufficient in processes they’re skilled at, exercise product knowledge, service customers faster and avoid cash-flow issues, while we focus on the operational aspects.”

What our CEO has to say about it

Our CEO Simon Drakeford said: “Evolving the Office Power model alongside dealer needs will always be crucial for its success. I believe winning the BOSS eBusiness Award demonstrates that we are exercising Office Power’s primary aim: to help give dealer partners more confidence and control over their businesses, working proactively as a partnership and playing to each other’s strengths, while improving the profitability and scalability of the Office Power model now and for the future.”



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